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This F# cross platform - Linux, Mac OS X and Windows - program that uses Avalonia.FuncUI as the MVU (Elm style) API wrapper for the Avalonia .Net GUI Toolkit. It uses the NuGet packages Tzolkin, NineWaves and LunaZodiaco to display the Maya Tzolkʼin date, Calleman’s nine Maya waves and the moon phase and moon zodiac of a given date.

Information about the usage of the program is at Usage

If you want to know more about the used programming language and libraries, see Links.

Contributing has information about how to contribute to LunaZodiaco, by
filing bug reports or feature requests, to contributing source code, to adding documentation
or translations or any other way you can help LunaZodiaco.

Screenshot Linux
Screenshot OS X
Screenshot Windows

(Functional) programming language: F#

Cross platform framework (yes, really!): .Net

MVU - Elm style - GUI Wrapper: Avalonia FuncUI

Cross platform GUI Toolkit: Avalonia

Own Libraries used

To convert and calculate with Maya Tzolkʼin dates: Tzolkin NuGet Package Tzolkin

To display information about and graphs of Carl Johan Calleman’s nine Maya waves: NineWaves NuGet Package NineWaves

To display the moon phase and lunar zodiac for a given date: LunaZodiaco NuGet Package LunaZodiaco